Gluten Free Cake for Children’s Birthday Party

October 29th, 2013

One gluten-free Thomas the Tank Engine cake, one happy little girl. ‘What was the best thing about your birthday Gracie?’ ‘My Thomas cake Grandma.’ Well 3 year olds don’t lie do they!

Time to make the Gluten Free Christmas cakes!

October 29th, 2013

Here at Glorious Gluten Free Foods we’re getting ready to bake our delicious Christmas cakes. Making them now ensures the dried fruit has lots of time to get plump and boozy in time for Christmas.

They’re so handy to have over the season for unexpected visitors. Just put on the kettle and pop a few slices on a plate. And best of all, they’re gluten free so everybody can enjoy them.

To place an order for your gluten free Christmas cake, please call Pennie on 07749 710127 or 07513 376487 or email

Christmas Cake